Prague Mayor: I am not going to the Olympics

The Prague Mayor and the vice-leader of the ODS Pavel Bem stated, he doesn’t intend to go to the Olympic Games in Peking. He said it in a discussion tv show, where he criticized China for its long-term human rights violations. Pavel Bem is known for his efforts for organizing of the Olympic Games in Prague.

“I am definitely not going to the Olympics in China, and I see the whole official China politics regarding the relation to Tibet as genocide” Stated Bem, who has climbed Mt. Everest from the Tibetan side.

According to Bem it is not possible to tell the sportsmen not to go to the Olympics. He said it is necessary to separate Olympics and what is going on in Lhasa. Other politicians like Vaclav Klaus and Pavel Liska think the same.

correction: Vaclav Klaus doesn’t go because he is getting operated at the time, not because he would speak against China regime.

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