Havel: Yes to Radar.

We owe the US. That is the ex-president Vaclav Havel opinion in the matter of the US radar base in the Czech Republic. Havel have stated it is a chance to assist our ally. According to his words in a TV debate, without the assistance of the USA, independent Czechoslovakia would never arise and the Iron Curtain would still be here in the first place. “This is the first time Americans want something from us. We have always wanted something from them. They want a detail. And we start to be reluctant.”

Havel’s positive words have collided at the ex-Soviet president Michail Gorbachev. He said in the Czech Television the whole anti-radar system is aimed against Russia and China. This is a wide-spread opinion of Russian politics, even when Czech negotiators do a lot of gestures to demonstrate it is not.



  1. Graham Walker said, Mar 25, 09:47 PM #

    Love the blog. Just wanted to point out there is a big difference between ‘owning’ the US and ‘owing’ the US.
    Funny what a difference an extra letter can make ;)

  2. elen said, Mar 27, 04:44 PM #

    Ha ha! Thank you, I fixed that…

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