Ztohoven Art Group Trial Started

They had their ‘art crime’ well prepared – Czech television transmits a kind of weather show every morning, during which you can watch Czech countryside live and see whether its raining etc. it is called Panorama. Art group Ztohoven got an idea – to break in one camera tower, and to plug in a laptop with adjusted film from the very same camera- the countryside was the same, but… there was a new mushroom, an atomic bomb explosion mushroom to be precise.

Members of Ztohoven are now at the court, defending their point of view: “Medial reality is made up by substitute signs, and those substitutes doesn’t have to correspond with reality” They also won the 333 prize of the Czech National Gallery. According to them is was a warning ‘the only reality is the reality you live’

They are pressed charges against because of their unauthorized access to the transmitting tower and also because of spreading false alarm information.


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