Kosovo recognision on hold

kosovo position in europe The KDU-CSL (Christian democratic union) came with the proposal: the Czech Republic should wait with Kosovo recognition. They doubt its legal status.

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg proposed the government recognised independent Kosovo next week, however The Prime minister Topolanek surprisingly announced his cabinet is going to further discuss the matter.

Pavel Severa, the head of the KDU-CSL have stated: “We are afraid of another unstable place on the map, because the independence proclamation in Kosovo wasn’t completely according to international law.

KDU-CSL taken Topolanek by surprise, however he agreed on further debates. Social Democrats (CSSD) are completely against the recognition, the Communist party (KSCM) as well. The other opposer is also Vaclav Klaus. Meanwhile 30 world countries have recognised Kosovo already, the Czech Republic still haven’t, as well as Russia and Slovakia.


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