Klaus' reason for not going to Olympics

The re-elected president of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus have previously announced that he is not going to the Olympic games in China. But it is not a boycott against China atrocities, like in the case of other Czech politicians, like Ondrej Liska; MF Dnes informed he is going to a hip operation at the time of Olympics.

The other thing is, such long-term planned orthopedic operations can be postponed. What was the real reason? “I don’t intend to go Olympic Games in China” he wrote at his web. “As a sportsmen I am against politicization of sports and against competing in who is going to make the Olympics more monumental.”

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  1. pwner said, Mar 27, 02:26 PM #

    This is the typical Klaus, as we know him – a slimy opportunist. He likes to provocate, but he never ever helps others – he’s just making idiot of himself and our country. I was naïve when I thought he would feel for people in Tibet – he cares only of himself and he always will.

    I am saying it loud, saying it proud – Klaus have never replaced Havel; we have no president.