Interesting Prague Fact: Do you want to buy really cheap car?

ford-sierra I am simply going to assume you do. The obvious choice would be to go to a car pool, but in Prague, you can go also to a municipal hall. But first, you have to write them a letter, you are interested in buying a car, which was left on a street and nobody had claimed it.

For example a Alfa Romeo 1,8l was bought for 7 000 czk, or Ford Sierra for 2560 czk. Sounds really cheap, doesn’t it? The car sale works in a way the winner of the car is the one who offers the most. Probably can be lengthy, however if the prices are so low, I would suggest just bidding 7000 czk and wait, what happens… Not an easy way, but the cheapest one for sure.

Last year there was 300 cars for sale. Odbor dopravy magistrátu hlm. Prahy contacts are here