Paris' Hilton visit in Prague became a news-reporter hunt of her person.

paris Paris Hilton came to Prague on Sunday, she was accompanying the guitarist Benji Madden of the group Good Charlotte. As there were news-hunters running after her since the moment she got out of the group’s bus, she tripped over and hurt her chin, in one moment when she run from the pack chasing her.

It happened close to the Old Town Square. When the couple saw Astronomical Clock, they went for a meal. During the time they were in the restaurant, reporters formed a massive group in front of the building. When the couple tried to escape, Paris tripped.

The famous blonde, who didn’t quite charmed critiques by her acting and singing, accompanies her boyfriend the whole march on his tour. When they were in Germany, German tabloid Bild wrote they are planning a baby during the tour. The child should get its name according to the place of its conception. So maybe it’s name could be Prague.