Skoda Cars cheaper outside the Czech Republic

Skoda Cars are dominating the Czech Market, they don’t need to reduce their prices, there are buyers anyway. This is the reason why it is possible to save up to 100t Czech coronas (3,7t €) when buying a Czech car anywhere but in the Czech Republic.

skoda octavia Skoda Octavia Classic with 1,6 MPI Classic sells in the Czech Republic for 459 900 czk. In Germany in is 50 thousands cheaper, similar prices are in Poland or Slovakia.

If you go for your Octavia to Russia or Latvia, it can get even more cheaper. In Russia, Octavia in basic equip costs 386t czk, in Litvia even 350t czk.

Lesser differences are with Fabias or other models. There is also a little catch- the version ‘Classic’ means something different, as you get more equipment in the version sold in the CR. Anyway for Czechs it is a good reason for going shopping to the east.