Derby of Two Prague 'S' Ended by Draw

Yesterday brought strong football match against the two Prague teams, which antipathies are well known. Hosting was Slavia at Prague Stadion Strahov, their last match before their very own stadium will be finished. Sparta was stronger in the first half, but they scored no goals. After sites change, Slavia scored first goal, but than they received one.

More was not allowed by crowds of hooligans at both sides, who started their rampage, ripped seats and throw them to the racing track, fired flares, smoke and regular crackers, after which the game needed to be discontinued a few times, but still the place looked like a battlefield. Special police than cleared the place a little, but players didn’t get to concentrate on the game since.

Slavia : Sparta 1:1, Slavia is still the leader of league.

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