Kofola Expands

kofola-0,5 Czech company Kofola fuses with Hoop, the biggest Polish beverage producer. From that springs a group with year income over 10 billions czk (400 mil €). The new group will enterprise in five countries with total of 210 millions citizens, and its stocks will be traded at Warsaw stock market.

The new formation of Kofola-Hoop will be directed by the owners of Kofola, who own 57% share. The second biggest shareholder is with almost 15% one of the Hoop company founders Marek Jutkiewicz.

Hoop company is after Coca-cola and Pepsi second biggest producer of soft drinks in Poland. It also acts on Russian market, where it gets 1,9 millions czk of sales. Its total sales exceeded 6 billions czk (222 mil €) per year.

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