Power shovel dug out Fox cubs in Prague

There is eight of them, and they squeak so loud, as if there was at least twice as much of them. The exotic capture animals station in Prague hosts them, and the employees reportedly love them.

The cubs were brought by the police, which got them from the building company, that was laying down some cables. As they were digging the ground, they found their fox-earth. The mother was probably scared by the noise and run away.

To find foxes in Prague is unique. Even on the outskirts. The personnel have reported the siblings are quite crawly, so they have to watch where do they escape. There are visitors coming to see them, foresters drive long miles for the little foxes.

Because they are not aggressive at all, the station have agreed with a zoo spot in Prague Chuchle, who will take the foxes from them. But they have to grow up first.


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