Psychic TV concert in Prague

Psychic TV is one of the most extravagant and provocative music groups, which have ever appeared on alternative electronic scene, Everything begun in 1981 with a trans-medial project, originally intended as a supergroup, with Ian Curtis of Joy Division in the front. He, unfortunately committed suicide. The group have, however, became a motive power of industrial music, creating under the influence of Markyz De Sade and William Burroughs and inspired by the murderer Charles Manson.

At the beginning the sound was more of pop music than anything else. But in 1983 they formed Psychic TV and included also traditional instruments to stage performances. They are known for their project, like the one where they in 1985 published 17 albums. Genesis O-ridger is world-known for his fan group, which became under the name of Genesis a Cult. He moved to California afterwards.

There, he started to cooperate with another icon, Timothy Leary, with whom they invented the term acid house. From his other project we can’t not mention his project pandrogeny, at which basis men and women (may) find harmony in being a hermaphrodite, at which basis he became something.. like woman.

At the door: 390 czk. 06th May 2008, Club Roxy, Prague

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