First Czech Woman heading to North Pole

trace map Right now, the Czech Polar CENTRAL GROUP expedition is probably on its way to the centre of the North Pole. The three of them were able to use their satellite phone after few days of silence. The group is formed by two men, Dusan Kunovsky and Ladislav Franta and also Miluse Netolicka, the first Czech woman on the poles. Except for small frostbites, they are all right.

If everything goes according to the plan, they should reach the centre during the next few days. The progress is however quite difficult, as there are strong wind and severe frost, at the present moment around -40 Celsius. Greater danger is from the ‘negative drift’; the arctic ice is moving from the pole, and it is getting more and more cracked every year.

The group heads from Barneo Russian polar station, which is about 130km far from the pole. From the base, they go by ski. A part of resources is taken care of by a dog sledge, the rest has the group on their backs. A documentary movie should the outcome.


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