Neo-Nazi March in Prague Video Footage in English

10th November 2007. The day will be remembered as the Cristalnight anniversary with very violent course. The capital city of Prague had gone through the biggest police maneuvers in the past seven years, since the IMF meeting in 2000. The fighting groups were neo-nazis, anarchists and the police.

The right-wing radicals originally wanted to march thought the Old town Jewish town. However the synagogue was reached by just a few of them, as they were scattered by police forces. In the moment they were in smaller groups, they found themselves encircled by the police and ‘secured’. Confiscated weapons include clubs, knives and tear gas pistols.

There were few street fights, usually of small groups. Concerning the speaker of the Czech neo-nazis, Petr Kalinovsky, one would say he got what he deserved, as he was attacked at a site close to Rudolfinum and even when he fired two times at the (anarchist?) attackers by his tear gas gun, and he was beaten black and blue.

You can watch the news footage here:


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