Chinese Officials Noticed Tibet Support, Demand Apology

As the international attention is now focused on human right violations in China, Chinese government is getting angry. Such can be the explanation of Cai Liho, Chinese minister of education decision to chancel planned agreement on student exchange program. Reason? Because the Green Party hung a Tibetan Flag from their club window. As the Czech education minister is a member of the Greens who support Tibet openly, the official meeting was cancelled.

“To display the so called Tibetan flag means direct support of Tibetan independence, we cannot accept that.” the Chinese embassy in Prague interpreted. The Chinese Embassy spokesman Zhou Qian explains: “Tibet is an integral part of the People’s Republic of China, and the act as such has outraged the people of China. Right now it wouldn’t be appropriate to meet with the Czech delegation.”

Liska commented for the server: “Reaction of China to me and my resort displays our critique of the state of the human rights didn’t come unnoticed. Activity to obstruct or complicate closer cooperation on the field of education demonstrates the true nature of Chinese politics.”

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