Czech Government may not go to the Olympics

china flag “The Olympic Games fell into crisis” Said the leader of The International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge. He was than taken short by the Chinese, not to ‘put together sport and politics’.

Lidove Noviny informed of their research among ministers (the Czech Republic government has 18 members) They asked 14 of them, 11 would not recommend Mirek Topolanek’s trip to the opening ceremony, 3 would let the decision on him. Topolanek previously stated, he will leave the decision on his government.

Clear attitude has the Green Party – they are against abomination of human rights in Tibet, and officially support Dali Lama. Similar opinion has the KDU-CSL, who are simply not going. Members of the leading ODS are united in their opinions: “we strongly recommend he should not go there.”