Bio Food Getting Popular in Czech Republic

biocow Sales of Bio Food increase. Czechs have spend for the food with Bio label 1,29 bil czk (49,6 mil €) compared to 2006 it is 70% more. Bio-market is supposed to grow in the coming years steadily on. An average Czech have spent 126czk on bio-food last year. Bio food have gained for the fist time more than half of a percent – 0,55%.

Notable increase was of bio fruit and vegetable. Five and a half percent of total sales of the category is in bio-fruit and bio-vegetables. But as a matter of fact, 80% of the vegetable is imported, most from Austria and Italy. This is caused by later development in the area, so the dealers need to import, before greater part of our farms become bio-farms. This should take 2-3 years.

Based on Green Marketing annual bulletin

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