Baby Boom in Prague

Prague maternity homes are reporting to be full, most of them reject to take in paras without registration. ‘The state of crisis’ was announced in all the childbirth institutes. Fears of obstetricians from 1990’s, when it was considered Prague will have a real lack of babies, proved as fault. Now the hospitals, which have reduced their numbers of beds on their rooms from three to two, is now lacking tens of beds.

Professor Zdenek Hajek from the gynecologic-childbearing part of U Apolinare clinic, Prague, stated that it is necessary to get registered at least half a year before in order to get a bed. “We didn’t count on such a number of births. We had over a thousand babies born here, which is about two hundreds more than the last year in the same period.”

Similar situation is in all the other Prague maternity homes, the only one which can take in paras without a possible risk of transfer, is in Vinohradska Nemocnice hospital. They have free beds most of the day, so paras don’t have to registre here. That’s why most of other hospitals move their pregnant clients there.

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