Czech Crown Jewels: Massive Exhibition and Queue

For five years, the most precious Czech treasure laid closed in the Crown Chambers of St. Vitus Cathedral. Tomorrow, it is going to host seven politicians and church officers, everyone with one key, and the Crown jewels will be ‘freed’ for eleven days.

The exhibition, which starts this Saturday and lasts to 29th April, will be the most extensive exposition of crown jewels in the history. The collection of jewels – St Wenceslas Crown of Charles IV, The Royal Sceptre, The Royal Orb, The Coronation Vestments will be supplemented by four dozens of other exhibits, connected to coronation.

The big exhibition will be in the Vladislavsky sal; The Vladislav Hall. The exhibition used to take place in the Old Royal Palace, but now there is a permanent exposition about the Castle history.

If you are heading to see the exhibition, you should know that the place can allow about five thousand people a day. The gate at the Old Castle Stairs opens at 9am, closes at 11am. Who doesn’t come to the queue until that, can’t get in that day. Better to come early in the morning.