Installing a Living Room in Prague Metro

The art-group called ‘Deti sidlistni Recese’ based in Prague turned a subway car into a living room this past weekend. Their aim was to ‘Travel first class on the subway’ they needed 12 ‘Agents’

The whole action took place on Friday, April 4th. The group was spread station after station, and entered the metro train one by one, always carrying a piece of equipment. The first was a girl with a rug, spreading it on the floor. It got accompanied on the next station by a large armchair, than a table, antique telephone, slippers, and a flower in a vase.

When everything was set-up, the ‘landlord’ came in, all dressed-up, in a tie and suit, sat down and made himself comfortable; than, a nice cup of tea was served to his newspaper.

PS: This must have been fun. Do you rememer the fictive atomic bomb explosion project?


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