Petr Cech compared to Zorro

When there was just a few minutes to the beginning of the Monday football match of English league between Chelsea and Wigan, the speaker on Stamford Bridge announced: “He is back, he has two masks. With number one coming Petr ‘Zorro’ Cech!”

The Czech Goalkeeper Petr Cech came back to the stadium just eight days after two-hour surgery, where he got his chin sewn together by fifty stitches by a plastic surgeon.

“It was a little risky” he admitted after the match, which ended in a surprising draw 1:1, in tv Setanta. “Nobody knows what would have happened, if they hit me into the wound.”

For this purposes he had, together with the traditional helmet which he wears since the last year, a protection for his chin, too. A cap jockeys wear. For his masks and bravery he was compared to Zorro by the speaker.

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