Vaclav Havel Shields a New Foundation

The Ex-president of the Czech republic helped to found a foundation for support of opposition in totalitarian countries.

The former president Vaclav Havel have, in a way, came back to the beginning of his political carer. He stood in the front of people who decided to fight oppression of a totalitarian regime. The European Foundation for Democracy activity ceremonially stared yesterday.

“From China and Belorussia to Burma and Zimbabwe – Europeans have responsibility to stand up for all the citizens fighting for human rights and civil liberties and they should share their often recent experiences of how to get rid of undignified authoritarian domination and censorship, and join the partnership of democratic nations.” stated Vaclav Havel.

Brussel can’t finance or support local resistance motions; they have to go through the government, which limits the help. The European Foundation for Democracy can get directly to the freedom fighters.


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