Ztohoven trials continue

“I am NOT Tyc!” this is what stated the accused member of Ztohoven, who was supposed to change the faces of traffic light in Prague, or, as they stated, ‘to animate’ them. The whole story started at 48 Prague traffic light, and continues with steadily rising confusion at the court. The person signed under the art piece used a pseudonym ‘Tyc’ the person who was supposed to be Tyc now claims it is a blunder.

“My connection to Roman Tyc is very narrow, but we shouldn’t be interchanged – our physiognomy is so different, it is not possible to braid us.” said the 33 yo artist. But the accusant was clear – “His identity was proved.” The court now summons the policeman, who identified Tyc before.

The change of those, as Tys says, “boring and sad” lights, entertained Prague citizens and tourists, but the Technical board of communications don’t have sense of humor, and they want the artist to make amends worth 82 thousands czk ( 3,28t €). The Ztohoven last action with fictive atomic bomb explosion went ‘unpunished’

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