Czechs Coming Home – Strong Currency Devalues Minimal Euro or Pound Salaries

applepicker This may change the whole perception of Czechs working abroad. I have personally met many Czechs, Slovaks and Poles in Britain, looking for work. The clearest example are fruit picking farms on the west, youth of these three nations are always working there. Many wonderful stereotypes can be tracked from this fact (unfortunately I can’t write about them in here, because I would get only hateful comments again).

What I am trying to say, America is not attractive because of falling dollar, but Europe starts being unattractive for unqualified or low jobs as well, as the minimum salary there minus charges and expenses (which are still 2-5 times higher than in the CR) in euros doesn’t even make the minimum salary minus the same in the Czech Republic. Of course I mean when you change the money in the present course 25 czk equals 1€. It even happened 1€ was worth only 23 czk.

It will bring changes in the international minimum-wage social scene, as the trefoil Czech – Poland – Slovakia is to be probably replaced by the couple Romania – Bulgaria. Those are countries which economy still didn’t quite recovered from healthy influence of the USSR.

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