No Czech Representative Goes to the Olympic Games

From the officially invited representatives of the Czech Republic, no one is coming to see the Olympics in China. The President declared he has to undergo an operation at the time, the prime minister said he doesn’t go from ‘family reasons’ as his wife supports Tibet, the Education Minister Pavel Liska criticizes China politics against opposition openly.

The leader of Czech Senate Premysl Sobotka stated he doesn’t “like to travel and the way to Tibet (!) is long”. The last to announce his decision was the Speaker the House of Parliament, Miloslav Vlcek. His ‘excuse’ is that he doesn’t believe what media say, because they told him something different in Chinese Embassy, but he doesn’t go “because of ‘conformism‘”

The leader and chairman of the Czech Communist Party (KSCM) Vojtech Filip would probably go to China for the Opening Ceremony, but nobody has invited him yet.