16th Birthday of Prague Club Roxy featuring Tom Middleton

tom middleton The Prague Elephant club Roxy celebrities. To hold for 16 years and to prove to be the best supplier of various but always quality music was definitely not easy. They had to overcome many obstacles, like when they had to buy the whole building Roxy is in (which at Prague 1 equals to buy 50 houses in the country) but the club proved be really sturdy, like the elephant it has in its crest.

What would be better celebration than a party? Of course there will be a party! Featuring Tom Middleton from the United Kingdom.

Profile: A classically-trained pianist and cellist, Tom discovered graffiti, breaking and surfing whilst living in Cornwall. He started going to clubs and met Richard James (Aphex Twin) in 1989. From there, he learned the science of sampling and synth programming. This friendship lead to Tom co-producing a track for the ‘Analogue Bubblebath’ EP as Schizophrenia, which has now reached cult status.

After graduating in Graphic Design in 1991, Tom met Mark Pritchard, a DJ with similar musical tastes. The pair formed a host of pseudonyms, the most popular of these was Jedi Knights, whose album ‘New School Science’ inspired everyone from The Prodigy & The Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk & the Freestylers.

Tom describes his music like this: timeless beautiful music with emotional sincerity, passion, soul and energy.

13th June 2008, 16th Roxy Birthday.