Czech Nacionalists prepared 'corridor of shame' for Communists

The 1st May is probably going to be quite interesting; The Nacionalist National Party, well known for their extreme stances and provocations, like the neo-nazi marches, prespres another action. The date and setting is well planned; they plan it as a counter-action for the Communist party, at the very same place.

1st May is known as the date, when during Cummunism most of people were expected to defile with lampions to demonstrate their love for the red party. Now it only attratct the communist core, who mostly come to recall the old days at the Prague Exhibition Ground.

The Nacionalists (generally assumed to be neo-nazis) prepared a surprise – they plan to form a ‘corridor of shame’ for those who plan to come to the communist meeting – who wants to come in, has to go throught the corridor.