Bush Night in Prague Roxy: Featuring London Electricity

london electricity Tony Colman was interested in jazz and similar styles since his youth, he played piano, guitar and singed. When he was 25, he formed jazz-funk music group Izit, which made a few hits and an acid jazz album The Whole Affair. Later on, he developed fascination with dance music, and so no wonder he in 1996, together with Chris Goss founded the London Electricity project. They opened Hospital Records in the very same year, hence founding one of the most known dnb labels.

Tony and Chris published their first record in 1999- Pull the Plug perfect vocals and atmosphere brought excellent critiques. It set a whole new course by which dnb started to head – into very complex brilliant arranges. Cris, though, left the project, so he can fully concentrate on work for the label. Tony stayed alone for the music, but the quality remains unchanged, as Billion Dollar Gravy was another great album the next year already.

Ticktepro: 220 czk, at the door 290 czk, 21th June 2008, Saturday, BUSHLondon Elektricity in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 22, Prague 1