The director of Terezin (Terezienstadt) doesn't allow Neo-nazis in

“I would like to offer you security protection of the National Cementary Terezin for the time necessary and if needed, even 24/7.” Such was the offer of The National Party in reaction for the fact, the Terezin Memorial got robbed of its bronze plates for metal, and that even when the investigation started, somebody continued in his metal hunt at Terezin.

But the manager of the memorial Munek reaction was very direct: “I refuse absolutely! They are neo-nazis, who have no business in Terezin. If they come, I will call the police.” he said for iDnes.

The Thieves have made damages worth 2,5 million czk. The bronze plates were found at a collection centre in Nehasice. The ministry of culture wants to prepare a project of areal protection.

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