Wenceslas Square First Step to Freedom

do you see cars there? they will hopefully be hidden underground At first, let me explain the title. How do I perceive freedom of a square? People should be at least able to walk from one end to another, which is, in the case of Wenceslas Square, impossible. During the communist era, when to be a city architect was conditioned to be a communist, a speedway was placed among the cherry on the cake, and the cake – the National Museum building was cut off from the rest of the Wenceslas Square.

The Prime minister Mirek Topolanek, Pavel Bem and the Minister of Culture Vaclav Jehlicka are going to sign a memorandum today, to confirm moving the incriminated speedway under the ground. From the point of view of a Prague Citizen, this is a sign of hope the Wenceslas Square could return to the times of glory. The project will cost approximately 10 billions czk (400 mil €).



  1. Dave said, Apr 29, 06:57 PM #

    The square will look great after this major face lift! I don’t know who smart it is to put the road underground though… and any news weather or not the are going to fix the out side of the museum?? it is kind of a turn off from outside which is bad since the inside is so beautiful…