Over 1000 Police Officers ready for 1st May

Among the most expected gatherings announced to be that day is the neo-nazi gathering ‘corridor of shame’ prepared to humiliate the communists, who are going to come to their traditional communist meeting at the Prague Exhibition Ground.

Another very closely watched event is the gathering of ‘left-wing supporters’ at Namesti Miru in Prague 2. The participants than get on their way to the Svatopluk Cech Sady.

More extreme left-wingers are planning to get together at Strelecky Ostrov, There should be approximately 150 of them, they are going on parade, heading to Namesti Miru Square. Than they will probably move to Cisarska louka, where is planned a festival against racism.

There is something in the air. Something will happen. Do the City Hall expect clashes? We are going to inform you about the events.


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