1st May and Neo-nazi gathering

The Extreme right-wing booked Jiriho z Podebrad Square. About six hundred members and fans of the Delnicka strana (Worker’s party) and Narodni odpor (National resistance). Their speeches dealt mostly with critique of the government because of its reforms, but they also criticised origin of Karel Schwarzenberg and Dzamila Stehlikova. They also directed some critique to Israel.

A part of the right-wing extremists came in black masks and hoods, carrying black flags or paper shields with the Delnicka strana sign. Their banners had signs like: No multi-culti, Wake up, Europe! Or Nationalism instead of globalism.

The Nationalists were cleaning toys off the steps in front of the church at Jiriho z Podebrad, which were left by Young Social Democrats at their morning meeting, organized with the motto: More toys for deprived Neo-nazis. They wanted the right-wing extremists to know, that it will be better, if ‘they will play with something less dangerous than are baseball bats.