1st May in Prague Was Non-violent

Prague was full of radicals of various motions, however the day passed without conflicts among groups. A few thousand people came to Prague, the biggest crowd came to support the communists and the right-wing extremists. The opposers in ideas have however avoided each other, so there was no need of a police strike. Five thousands of police officers didn’t have to arrest anyone, except for one neo-nazi, with racist signs on his clothes.

The biggest gathering, the one of the communists on Letna, combined political and entertaining programme. The entrance to their meeting point was guarded by the Nationalists, who prepared a ‘corridor of shame’ for them, distributing materials and decorating the entrance with information, that communism and Bolshevism killed more people than Nazism. Large group of Nacionalists demonstrated on Jiriho z Podebrad Square

About 150 anarchists gathered at Strelecky Ostrov, to demonstrate ‘the present government is spying on us and prohibits various ideas’.