Will The Old Town City Hall ever be Completed?

Old town square town hall - how it looked like Prague stands before another architectonic contest. The original Old Town City Hall was severely damaged at the end of WWII, after it became a target of the German occupation army during the Prague Uprising in May 1945. It was set on fire and had to be taken down. Since then, plans for a new building were in motion.

Now the city has decided the case should be solved at last. The reasons are obvious. The City Hall at the Old Town Square is apparently a torso and the park that covers the space today doesn’t make much sense, it creates sort of a square- within- a square. A new, tenth competition is supposed to take place this year and it is likely it will be international.



  1. Dave said, May 8, 11:28 AM #

    They are just going to get another design they don’t like, and block it like the national library… ahaha