Dinosaur Jr. + Awesome Color in Prague Acropolis

Dinosaur Jr. myth exploded in a hail of flaming toads in the spring of 1989, when the band’s original trio line-up burst like a ripe sac of pus.

At its best, the trio’s music (its guts) was like a version of the Stooges that didn’t have Iggy – just one of the Ashetons mumbling vocals while they all slugged the crap out of their instruments. Dino Jr’s sound was actually a roiling sea of emotion and rage and a sense of aggro that had been forged into a bizarre metal-punk-pop-whatsis by obsessive listening to Sabbath, the Birthday Party, The Cure, Blitz and Neil Young.

Touring continued into ’06 and the band’s strengths were constantly increasing. When their equipment van was swiped a couple days before the Osheaga Festival in Montreal, it didn’t faze them. “No big deal,” J says. “That show was amazing,” Kim Gordon says. “It was almost like they’d been reborn as a hardcore band.”

Dinosaur’s early shows and recordings represented the first (or, at least, first best) example of a new rock-qua-rock music arising from the germ of hardcore punk.

(Sat) 24th 05 2008 start 19:30 DINOSAUR JR. /US, AWESOME COLOR /US, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27