Marijuana supporters demonstrated for legalization in Prague

A few hundreds participated on the parade in the Streets of Prague on the demonstration for support of legalization, or at least decriminalisation of marijuana in the Czech Republic.

The Favorite event, that grows bigger every year it takes place, was so upgraded to a ‘real’ demonstration. In the past years it was a matter of a music festival only. The demonstrants were carrying banners like ‘It smells nice’ or ‘legalize now’.

The parade went from Prague centre to Parukarka at Zizkov, following a sound-system van, growing in numbers. Groups like Apple Juice, Gang ala Basta, Unity and Prague Ska Conspiracy and many DJs than played for a few thousand people there.

This year was the 11th volume, within the world event Global Marijuana March, which took place in 239 cities of the world. The situation with marijuana in the liberal Czech Republic could be defined like that: ‘don’t sell to kids, don’t count your ganja in kilos, and you should be fine’. But it is still illegal, and the users are afraid of law abuse.

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