Bruselsky Sen – Dream of Brussels Exhibition

The colors were all yellow, purple and blue, architecture was dynamic, shapes round, pictures of irregular geometrical shapes and shapes of Sputniks and rockets. Such was the Brussels style, the phenomena of the first half of the 60s of the past century. It influenced arts, industry, fashion and lifestyle in the former Czechoslovakia, and it inspires on.

Starting today, the new exhibition in Prague reveals a huge retrospective exhibition Bruselsky sen / Dream of Brussels in the Prague City Gallery of the Municipal Library.

The organizers managed to gather over 600 exhibits from Czech and Moravian museums and personal collections. The Exhibitions demonstrates, what have under the influence of phenomenal success started to change in a wave of interest for a new, modern lifestyle, furniture, arts and culture. Various critics are praising the exhibition, it is definitely worth seeing.

Source: kla, LN


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