Gucci finally opens in Prague

In the context of opening of the retrospective exhibition of Czech 60’s design, which ended because of the USSR occupation in 1968, opening of the first Czech Gucci store symbolically demonstrates the good times are back – the sole presence of a Gucci store in a country reflects there is enough richness in the nation, to support the most demanding, luxurious and quality mode of the world.

Gucci, Channel, Armani, Prada. All these have now a shop in Prague. One shirt 5t czk, a blouse for 13t czk or tops wort 20t+ czk. But the boss of Gucci, Mark Lee doesn’t have doubts there are people living in the Czech Republic willing to spend 10t+ czk on one bag. He even says there were numerous Czechs shopping in shops abroad. If you want to go for your Gucci, the shop is in the Prague Boutique Boulevard: Parizska ulice.

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