Prague of Many Faces – Photographs exhibition at Prague Castle

Retrospective of photographer Jiri Vsetecka introduces Prague in its various forms. Dreamy corners of Prague, romantic city shades, people and their life, but also positive moments of our metropolis are the main theme of the large-scale photographs of Jiri Vsetecka. The Exhibition called Prazsky ChodecPrague Walker is Placed in Terezian Wing of the Old Royal Palace of the Prague Castle

Jiri Vsetecka is one of the most famous Prague photographers, now having his 70th birthday celebrates, balances his walks with an objective. His walks started in 1958. The beauty of his pictures lies in the unusual atmosphere, which gives to the photographed places some kind of sleepy, dreamy atmosphere.

The photographer himself admits, he likes Prague the most, when the day turns in the night, when the city is in the special light.. Bridges, houses and persons are surrounded by a dreamy mist, which emphasizes its charm and also softens stone contours.

The exhibition lasts until 31st August 2008. If you go to Prague for just a weekend, this is exactly the kind of exhibition you shouldn’t miss.