Radar will be traded for prior protection of CR

The radar base treaty gives the country greater safety policy compared to the other EU states. This could be read in the Prague-Washington agreement. The USA will protect the CR in preference, if it will be threatened by an attack, that is written in the very introductory article of the contract that waits for approval.

According to the ministry of foreign affairs the radar agreement could become another pillar, on which the safety of the country stands on. The most important is, of course, our NATO membership. “We can gain better safety, than most of the other European countries.” Smigolova stated.

Similar safety guarantees has in Europe only Denmark and Britain. Prague would have the possibility of programming the anti-rocket defense from the US radar, so the Czech Republic will be always defended by the anti-missiles. Whether or not the contract will be signed in this form is still being negotiated.

Source: MF



  1. Gareth Smith said, May 25, 04:34 PM #

    We totally support the opposition to the Brdy radar base and are shocked at Vaclav Havel’s support (is he unaware of Iraq? and how the US is militarising space to control Earth?)I will start a hunger strike on May 27 in solidarity with Jan Bednar and Jan Tamas. The Czech embassy in Canberra has been informed.

  2. Tom said, May 25, 06:15 PM #

    If hunger was a thing that could stop armament, there would be no weapons left already…