Prague Baroque Jewel to Open for People

Today, the first time in the history, Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada (The Great Fürstenberg Garden) will be opened to the general public.

Palace gardens, situated on the slopes under the Prague Castle towards Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter) will grow of more territories. To the complex of Five Castle Gardens (all belong to the state), will accede Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada, which extensive reconstruction finished by the Capital City of Prague. The plan is to connect all the Castle gardens together, so tourists and Prague citizens could go freely from one to another.

To revive and repair the garden took about a year and a half. During that time the sightseeing pavilion was repaired, planned to become a social facility and a restaurant. Gardeners planted a few thousand flowers, trees and over two thousands roses. The entrance to the garden is from its higher part, from the Old Castle stairs.

The complete info on Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada here