The Bible of Neo-Nazi published in the CR

Another rather extreme book published. After Hitler’s Main Kampf, published in 2000, an another title connected to Nazism and Racism. The Book Turner Diaries was written by a Neo-nazi William Luther Piece.

The Czech Republic is probably the only country, selling Turner Diaries. The book was officially published in the United States only, it is forbidden to even have a copy in Germany. The novel fiction describes a riot, after which the white race takes over the USA government, and than the world. According to the polimetrician Zdenek Zboril, the book is based on strong white racism and anti-semitism, with huge admiration for Nazism. The most dangerous is that it targets the system as a whole.

Turner Diaries was published by the Kontingent Press company, which opened, according to its deputy, just because they wanted to publish the book. He denies, though, he would like to propagate neo-nazism. Quite on the contrary, he states he wants to alert the society to dangers, coming from radicals. William Luther Pierce founded the main Nazi organization National Alliance in the USA in 1974, and led it until his death in 2002.