Slavia celebrates title after 12 years of waiting

slavia fotbal logo The season of dreams of Slavia Praha ended on Saturday. Something like this wasn’t possible to see for 12 years. Until Saturday evening, when 20 thousand people rushed out from the full Slavia Stadium Eden to the streets. Slavia won the football league for the fifth time in the history.

Slavia must feel like dreaming – they played in the Masters Football League for the first time, they built their superb new stadium, and they also gained the trophy for the best team.

30th round confirmed, what a crazy year it was for football. Slavia was in the lead of the most of the season, but they didn’t keep up their pace. They ended in April. Sparta immediately took the lead, but they collapsed as well, as they gained only one point in four matches.

Slavia didn’t win either, but the draw 2:2 was enough the players could celebrate their first title at the new stadium.

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