Starbucks Fights for Copyrights in Czech Republic

Starbacks opened its first café in Prague in June 2008, and they already have to sue a Czech company for the second time. The dispute raised over the use of Starbucks logo. Attack Media was allowed by Czech authorities to register the Starbucks Hand Crafted Collection trademark.

Attack Media originally intended wide use of the brand name, however the Industrial Property Office disapproved of any other uses than horse-riding and smoking equipment. This didn’t change matters for Starbucks – the approval of the trademark for lighters or cigar tips is harmful to the good name of the company, its deputies said.

The company promotes healthy lifestyle, sponsors an environment protection programme and takes part in other charitable events. That means, to link tobacco products and Starbucks name is unacceptable. The supreme court of administration has ruled in favour of Starbucks and ordered the municipal court in Prague to reopen the dispute. The Czech Republic is the first country in central Europe in which Starbucks has opened its cafés.


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