Critics lambast Prague Fashion TV Advertisement

dinner on bridge? in the ad ok, in reality unworkable The new advertisement has been off in the air for about a week, and there are hardly any positive critics, if any at all. The ad lasts thirty seconds, it cost 8 and a half million czk and it should attract solvent western clients. Prague was depicted as the place where are beautiful blonde women, historical sights and luxurious restaurants.

Petr Dudek wrote for MF Dnes that the advertisement just piles one cliche on another. The typical sign of advertisements trying to attract tourists is to show sexy women, surrounded by alcohol “But you can drink champagne in the middle of a desert, and you can find a blonde everywhere, on Mount Everest if you transport her there.” According to him, Prague is more than this, there is architecture, history, and also some recent developments.

The other frequently criticised part of the ad is the music. To choose A Little Night Music by Mozart for a clip about Prague is really an unfortunate decision, as we have our own composers, known worldwide – Bedrich Smetana and Antonin Dvorak, for instance. And a cherry on the cake – the initiator of the ad was Milan Richter, Prague councilman, and guess who is his girlfriend? Tatana Kucharova, one of the models who acts in the ad.