Czechs and Eurosong 08 - it all starts this week

“Maybe getting naked would help.“ Such were the words of Kabat’s frontman Vojtek, when they gained the last place possible last years’ season of Eurovision Song Contest. The truth is, the competition is still somewhat doubted if it reflects music reality, sometimes the countries send very obscure performances. This years opponents for the Czech songress Tereza Kerndlova are for example Pirates of The Sea from Latvia. Whom I personally expect to end up as Kabat last year.

What are the weapons of Kerndlova? Clean voice, dancing, and the main weapon: sex appeal. The Czech Republic may get quite far with the well-known truth that sex sells, but we will see. She is not the most famous nor the most quality songress we have had, but at least she looks hot and like a model. The 22-yo daughter of jazz and swing singer Ladislav Kerndl won this year national finals. She didn’t get naked, though, but at least she had a huge fan under her feet, so at least she showed something. The first round is this Thursday.