Eurovision Song Contest Started

czech martina kerndlova has a pretty body, her singing is not so great The 53rd year Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia started yesterday. 43 contestants of various European countries is a very high number, so this year there will be two semi-final evenings for the first time.

The newcomers are Azerbaijan and San Marino. Every evening, there will be 19th participants, from which 10 will go to the finals. The sms messages will be the voting device, the rule, that fans cannot vote for the country they are from stays the same.

Ireland surprised by taking the show light-heartily and sending a children-show puppet of Dustin the Turkey. The other joke-contestants are for example the Spanish, who have a TV comedian, acting like a singer with a plastic guitar on his neck. And in my opinion – if anyone heard Martina Kerndlova to sing, the one must agree her singing is bad karaoke. The main weapon she has is her sex-appeal, which might not be enough even to get to the finals.