Klaus: Don't pretend the Olympics will be profitable

The Czech Republic won’t gain profit on possible Olympic games organizing. The president Vaclav Klaus repeated again his opinion about Olympics: “I am a lifelong sportsman, but I watch preparation for Olympics with dilemma.” He stated in Hradec Kralove debate. He continued, that figures speaking of the Czech Republic possible profits of tens or hundreds of millions czk provoke him. “We definitely won’t profit from the Olympics, on the contrary, we will have to pay a lot of money.” According to him, the real costs should be mentioned.

His word probably weren’t very pleasant for the Prague mayor Bem, who is in the same political party, but at the same time a big propagator of the Games in the capital, an he always says the Olympic Games can be a profitable event. Whether or not Prague will get the chance to organize the Olympics in 2016 will be decided on the beginning of June.