Bible of Racism among Czech Bestsellers

The book Turner Diaries, depicting a war against all other races than the white one, the book reasonably considered to be the Bible of the Neo-nazi, sells very well. After a few weeks, it got among bestsellers. However, according to booksellers it is bought by curious fellows first, by extremists second.

The Police investigates, how dangerous are the thoughts written there, if they find it a racist book, it may get to a ban. Similar situation was a few years ago with Mein Kampf publishing, it finished by end of the book sale.

The book was published in five thousand copies, more than a half was already sold. The publishing house Kosmas defends, the effect of this book can give a warning. “…it is worth reading despite of its monstrosity” The person who came with the original idea, Lukas Jirotka, plans to publish a second book – this time about Apartheid in Southern Africa.