Prague Beer Days this Week Already

Prague is again hosting this typical Czech event, connected to testing thirty kinds of Czech Beer. Quality of the golden drink is going to be traditionally guaranteed by supervisors of breweries present. The areal will once again host up to 10t visitors, who will walk there with glasses of bear, tasting labels they have never even seen.

A part of the festival will be also musical performances of various groups and singers. The artists will be at small stages, as well as on the main stage, which will provide well-known Czech musicians everyday 18 – 20. For example today there will be Bara Basikova, on Wednesday there will be Laura a jeji tygri.

The festival is very good for families, as there are Matejska pout rides nearby. Also, the last day of the festival, 1st June, will be devoted to children. The festival takes place 26th May – 1st June 2008. It is on Prague Vystaviste, alias Prague Exhibition Ground.



  1. Florin Dr said, May 26, 03:09 PM #

    Allow me to notice that the festival is a rip off.
    120Kc entrance fee for what? Some overpriced beer and food? And the costumes on those girls looked as purchased from Bankrot. Come on! Not to mention the ‘warranty’ for the beer glass. A total rip off I say!
    To me it looks as you’re advertising it a bit too much?!